Confessions of a Struggling Writer

I am a writer. I aspire to be an author. Those aspirations are what fuel my struggle. Join me in my trials and tribulations to see my name on a book.

J.R. Murdock

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Episode didn't push

I'm trying to figure out why last week's episode didn't push out. I think Blogger Beta doesn't like me, but hey, things like this happen.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Episode #21 - Back to Basics

Just like the title says, I'm starting the new year at the beginning. Goals, priorities, and lists, oh my. I know what worked in the past. I need to start over, reset, and do it all again.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I will return next week

The holidays hit me hard this year (actually it's last year now, isn't it?) At any rate, I loaded new sound software and was playing with it today and just plain didn't get the show recorded. I will continue to toy with my new toy and I will produce a show next week. My hope is that the sound quality will improve and I need to work on better content rather than just ramble.

Look for me next week. I'm not out of ideas for shows and I know with Tee on break, Kiki MIA again, Mur being sporadic, and the Secrets having pod-faded, shows on writing are sparse. I will re-fill that gap next week.

Until that time, take a look around at things that are mundane and keep that in mind for next week's show.

Until then...

J.R. Murdock